Visual Study Spring 2020  
@SCI-Arc AT for Elena Manferdini

Student work by Ahmed Mohamed Faris, Al-Ali Abdullah Tahseen, Alamoudi Aseel, Bamohsen Bashayer Khalid, Cai Yixuan, Celik Burak, Chen Xianing, Kalaiselvan Dharsini, Kansagra Devangi Nitin, Lee David Mo, Li Mofei, Liang Di, Lu Ilaria, Rao Jinyu, Scheuermann Jordan Paul, Seo Hakcheol, Shih Yu, Wang Runhuan, Zhou Tianjian, Zhu Zhaoqi
Southern California Institute of Architecture
Spring 2020 

Selected for CityX Studio Session - Venice Biennale of Architecture 2021

inVisible departs from the assumption that today color is the sharpest tool in the box. And the way to look at color is subjective and variable depending on medium, lighting, tools and cultural context.

The seminar engages in the conversation on the democratization of colors we have witnessed in the past decade and their unparalleled ability to produce new forms of imagination. Specifically, the class continues the research on “invisible” colors started GLOW, taking on a new portion of the invisible spectrum: infrared.