Visual Studies Spring 2021  
taught @SCI-Arc TA Abdullah Tahseen

Student work by Ayse Eda Tarakci, Chunjia "Haruka" Liu, Dheer Uttamchand Talreja, Jacquelyn "Jackie" Saucedo, Jordan Micham, Jorge De Ovando Gonzalez, Kait Cartmell, Keran Duan, Leo Wan, Linjun Huang, Liu Xiaolei, Patrick McQuillen, Qiaochu “Poppy” Yang, Qihang “Kian” Fan, Shichen Cao, Shilong "Gary" Zhu, Siddharth Hosamath, Xiao Jin, Xin Fan, Yixin Xiao, and Yuxing Xu
Southern California Institute of Architecture
Spring 2021 

In french, the noun “arrangements” both defines the arrangement of objects and the agreement of parts. Spatial organizations and power structures collapse in a single instance, where one defines the other and vice versa.  

“arrangements” aims at the creation of Trans-habitats, temporal and physical spaces where
organic and inorganic elements find ecological logics of distribution, symbiosis and hierarchies. Starting from the understanding that nature is created as a process of ceaseless morphogenic modulations, “arrangements” explores the aesthetic of the event and of the ritual.