Promenade Temporelle

Digital Modeling and Animation 
Vertical Studio @SCI-Arc by Peter Testa - 2018

The studio explores architecture’s aesthetic possibilities linked to a post-digital materialism of the “phygital” and “fugly”. We believe this is an imperative condition of today’s instance, not supportable but necessary, not futurable but actual, tangible and ephemeral. Because of that, this project challenges spatial perception and assemblage of parts in different temporalities of the physical built environment through the collaboration of Augmented Reality. From the relation of the two, the actual and the digital, new organization, expressions, influences and behaviors are generated.
By analyzing and deconstructing the original objects and organization of the roof de l’Unite’ d’Habitation of Le Corbusier, we capture the actual by augmenting its presence with digital temporal instances to create a new phygital object. With processes of multiplication and cloning then, the objects are reconfigured and recaptures to create new broken and reconnected instances in a new time/space framework. In the new design, the integration is developed to maintain both the codependency and the independence of the two instances. Ontologically separate and still implied in each others, the objects reorganize the roof following a series of paths that create a new idea of promenade architectural.