Design Studio
@SCI-Arc taught by Manferdini Elena w/ Eleonora Orlandi

Academia as a political act that through exploration and discoveries rethink and reorganize the world we live in. Communication and physicalideal circulation become then primary needs of a contemporary society, no matter of the economical or social conditions of the environment. Our project defines new boundaries of inter-relations in a city built on the sprawl and low density urbanism as Los Angeles is, taking advantage of SCI-Arc to enhance its impact on the cultural panorama and to use it as a seed of a wider reorganization.

In a 2 phase project, the extension of SCI-Arc is composed of a semi-public block of administration and facilities of the school and a second residential and commercial block. The ground is carved to accommodate a sunken plaza and a new circulation system that forks in a vertical linear park crossing the site till the original roof of the school and a horizontal connection east-west passing below the linear building. While rethinking the circulation in the site, the general accessibility around it is enhanced and implemented of public transportation underground and overground.