MoMA PS1 YAP 2018 - p AR ty

Summer Pavilion proposal for MoMA New York, USA 
invited competition - 2018

In partnership with Alessio Grancini and Runze Zhang

p AR ty is a mixed-reality installation that relieves visitors from the constraints of their social affiliations.
Seventy years after the Technological Revolution, personal devices are revealing their limits in extending our experiences to meet the increasing complexity of society. In 2020, each American will be connected with more than 6 devices, each of them reiterating the same perspective. These interfaces constrain our vision to a homogenous, existential niche we carefully select to express ourselves.
p AR ty is a physical and digital environment designed to challenge normative patterns by challenging social structures and creating temporary connections. With the intent to catalyze awareness, this installation is a social experiment somewhere between joy and freedom of expression.
p AR ty is a communal game composed of a physical presence and digital augmentation.
The former is a perforated canopy hovering above the courtyard; the latter is an app that navigates you throughout the installation with floating, holographic objects.
This app poses questions at intermittent occasions, and according to your answer, new objects appear in the space, floating above the canopy, visible through the holes. To view
them, you must move through the pavilion and encounter other visitors who, much like you, are experiencing their respective augmentations. By sharing the same response, you share the same space, creating a micro-community of peers with nothing in common, aside from a single, common answer.
It is a collective experience of questions in motion, a nomadic promenade promoted by the freedom to answer without repercussion.