Visual Study Spring 2019 
@SCI-Arc AT for Elena Manferdini

Student work by Chan Elaine, Davidson Alayna, Grimmer Perez Lia Fernanda, Huang Joy, Jalali Fateme, Jiang Chenming, Malecki Zoe, Michelon Laure, Ospina Sofia, Rachele Sipione, Sangruchi Patorn, Shen Aihe, Sundaramurthy Adhavan, Tarabichi Rafa, Wang Boya, Williams Zachary Nathan, Yuan Yifei, Yung Vincent, Zhang Yawei, Zhang Zhaohang, Zhu Murk, Zhu Yuting
Southern California Institute of Architecture
Spring 2019

Glow: A Visual Studies seminar explores the potential of optical effects in a digital and physical environment with color interactions, scripting applied to UV ink printing technologies. The class as a whole expanded the notion of close-attention versus close-reading. The seminar engaged in a conversation on the ambiguous power of contemporary materials and their unparalleled ability to produce new forms of imagination.