Evergrande Factory

EVERGRANDE Car Experience Center, Guangzhou, China 
invited competition @ Atelier Manferdini with Xuberance Architects - 2019

“How can you transform a car factory in an entertainment attraction? How can two separate economical models - utility vs leisure - cooperate and produce a new commercial standard?”
With this question, the mission of the competition is to create the frontal extension of the newly designed electric car factory of Evergrande in an attraction for the city and for the clients.

To do so, our proposal introduces an educational factor in the program definition. With it, we propose a solution that connects both landscape and architecture in a new paradigm of learning sustainability through entertainment and business.

Taking advantage of the facing landscape converted into a natural park open to the community, the new factory extension is a quiet mass inviting a future of transparency and sustainable energy.
From the ground, the distribution of functions moves the public in a series of educational, economic, leisure and functional activities. From a public ground floor to a private restaurant on the last floor, the building operates as a spiraling elevator of activities, from educating the visitor in the role of natural resources to test driving the cars both on the facing landscape and on the roof of the factory, Here a linear ramp is installed in the green roof so that buyers can test run their newly acquired product before being released on the road.
The experience of buying a car becomes an activity for the family and the role of the transportation system is not reduced to online activity but an opportunity for cultural growth.

Project shortlisted and invited to the second phase of the competition.